``Water in Flames´´ Electro J-Core Band

Cuban Band Begining to Rising to the world



Para aclarar cualquier duda con el contenido de la página Covers; todo el contenido de la misma es ÚNICA y EXCLUSIVAMENTE obra de Oliver Gomez Lemus. Es un material totalmente ajeno a los intereses de Water in Flames como banda, pero usa este medio para disfundirlos. Espero hayan entendido.



Covers Finisheds

They are already in webs the songs of Bad Bunny made by Oliver Gomez Lemus in The Platform FL Studio and recorded in the studies Abreulandia Records. To listen the songs makes click here.


Water in Flames – Somos (EP)

01. Water In Flames- Somos Download

02. Water In Flames- Comenzó El Party Dowload

03. Water In Flames- Nadie Igual Download

04. Water In Flames- Demuestra Quien Eres Download

05. Water In Flames- Imparable Download


Here goes them the first production of the Cuban Band  Water in Flames. Download without problems and share it to their friends….. Up the Cuban metal!!!!!!!! and give us their opinion.


Clean Voice: Katherine(she recorded it is the voice of the EP)

Growl Voice: Dayron

Bass Guitar: Oliver

Lead Guitar: Alexander

Guitar and Composser: Hanyer Elias

Synthers and Drums Secuence: Andi (Andrillex)



Lyrics HERE



Band email: olguita6605@nauta.cu